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A hand-picked directory of 800 Digital Product Management resources.

Skip hour-long web searches: This directory contains the best resources out of a 15-year product management career in tech.
Actionable content for every product management situation.

Only research within the top 6% of content related to product management, the best of about 12,000 articles (that's a guess, but probably quite accurate) I read in my career.

The articles have helped thousands of product managers solve their specific problems. Now you can benefit too!

Read more at or (even better) buy now.

You'll be a better product manager!

Improved Product Leadership: This collection of articles about all topics related to product management and leadership helps you get better at everything in your job - instantly!

Quick & Easy: You can quickly search the entire database, or filter for specific collections or tags. It's easy and it's extremely quick.

Pre-Selected: You don't waste time on content that does not help you: With my vast product management experience, I collected only the most insightful and helpful articles.

What will you receive?

You will receive access to a list of 800 (and growing) online resources, blog posts, and articles revolving around product management for digital products. Whenever you're stuck, consult this list.

  • The list is saved in an Baserow database, accessible in you browser.
  • Each resource is saved to collections, which are topics such as Agile, Leadership, Pricing, UX, etc.
  • Each resource is tagged, so it's easy to find a keyword.
  • You can filter or sort the list as to your needs.

Who am I, anyway?

Hi, I'm Benedikt.

I have been a product leader for digital products for more than 15 years now. I worked and still work as a tech product manager, product owner, manager of product managers, and informal product lead.

I set up product management departments from scratch, grew them, designed product strategies and products, and coached product managers on my team.

Besides, I'm also coaching other product managers every once in a while.

Is this not a bit expensive?

No, it's rather cheap. You will have access to so much help and inspiration, any time you need it.

Think about how it will lead to better product decisions.

Think about your reputation - you will simply be a better PM, maybe getting a promotion sometime.

Choose a fair price that you think is suitable.

Terms & Conditions

This is a collection of articles. I do not own copyrights for the articles themselves, obviously. However, the act of collecting the resources to a resource list is my own work. Furthermore, I do not accept responsibility or liability for any of your actions based on the resource list or the contents.

You'll receive a link to the database and you are not allowed to share the link with others, in the case of which I shall terminate your membership and/or sue you for any damages occurred.

But of course, feel free to share this link :-)

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Access to a list of 800 (and growing) online resources, blog posts, and articles revolving around product management for digital products.

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800, and growing
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Digital Product Management Stack

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