The Book of Software Team Structures

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Create Better Software Product Teams

This guidebook is full of 51 publicly available org charts, career level templates, role description, communication flows and much more. It will help you master the art of creating high-performance product teams.

You should read this book if you are a product leader or engineering leader (Group, Director, Head, VP, CPO, CTO, etc.) 😎 If you're new to the job and thinking about how to improve your team, this is for you.


🔥 Org Chart Templates

🔥 Career Level Frameworks

🔥 Role Descriptions

🔥 Collaboration and Communication

🔥 How Software Engineers work

🔥 much more!

The PDF file contains 51 links to insightful publicly available articles and question lists that have proven to be effective. With the articles linked in this book, you will:

  • Create better team structures
  • Set up industry-leading communication flows
  • Learn how product managers and engineers can communicate best

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A PDF document that links to 51 insightful, publicly available articles

11 pages
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The Book of Software Team Structures

0 ratings
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